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Crazy Clarifier™

For insanely clear water.

XtraBlue® Chlorinating Tablets

Kills bacteria and stops all types of pool algae.

Chlorinating Tablets

Kills bacteria with 99% Trichlor.

Shock XtraBlue®

Clears cloudy water and fights algae.

Multi-Use Smart Strips™ for Testing Pool Water

Maintain a perfect pool with Multi-Use Smart Strips™ and the free Clorox® Pool app.

XtraBlue® Algaecide

Kills and prevents green, mustard and black pool algae.

Green Algae Eliminator2

Kills and prevents green pool algae.

3-in-1 XtraBlue® Clarifier

Clears water, removes phosphates and prevents waterlines.

Super Water Clarifier

Clears dull, hazy or cloudy water.

Algaecide + Clarifier

Prevents algae and clears water.

pH Up

Raises pH to help restore balanced water.

pH Down

Lowers pH to help restore balanced water.

Calcium Hardness Increaser

Prevents corrosion, etching and staining.

Chlorine Stabilizer

Helps chlorine last longer.

All-in-One® XtraBlue® Chlorinating Granules

Dual action granular sanitizer and shock.

OXI Chlorine-Free! Oxidizer

Chlorine-free formula clears cloudy water.

Salt Pool Shock-Oxidizer

Clears cloudy water in salt pools.

Phosphate Remover

Lowers high phosphate levels.

Scale, Metal & Stain Control

Protects equipment from stains and scale, and removes fresh metal stains.

Sink to Clear Flocculant

Clears severely cloudy water.

D.E. Media + Filter Aid

Removes small particles and metals from pool water.

Filter Cleaner

Cleans filter and improves performance.

6-Way Test Strips

Expert water analysis with the Clorox® Pool app or compare results manually to the color chart.

Salt Pool Test Strips

Ensures correct salt and balancer levels in saltwater pools.

3-Way Test Kit

Reliable poolside results for pH and Chlorine or Bromine.

Reagent Refill for 3-Way Test Kit

Includes OTO and Phenol Red reagent solution refills.

All-in-One Sanitizer and Shock

Stabilized chlorinator for spas and hot tubs.

Spa Antifoam

Prevents and eliminates foam.

Spa pH Protect

Helps to maintain pH.

Spa pH Down

To lower pH level in spas.

Spa pH Up

To raise pH level in spas.
Simpler, Smarter Pool Care™
Learn how to maintain a clear pool and solve common problems.

Clorox® Pool App Anytime, Anywhere Solutions

Download the free Clorox® Pool app to start testing.

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