Algaecide for Swimming Pools

Clears Algae in 24 Hours

Fast-acting treatment kills all types of pool algae.


Prevent & Treat

Preventative, non-foaming formula fights algae growth before it starts.


Salt Pool Compatible

Patented, non-staining formula is suitable for all pool types, including salt pools.

Maintain a Clear Pool

Your pool chemistry can change quickly. Test your pool water weekly to ensure your Free Chlorine level remains between 1 – 4 ppm.  Apply a preventative algaecide weekly to fight algae and keep your pool clear.

Maintain a regular cleaning regimen. Skim water surface, brush walls, vacuum and empty skimmer baskets at least once per week. Download the Clorox® Pool app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for expert water analysis and product and dosage recommendations.

This season, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your swimming pool!

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Does the Job

Exactly what it says. 20000 gal pool greenish and cloudy. Next day blue and clear and waiting for Polaris to pick up residues but not even 24 hrs gone by which is what is says it takes
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
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How to get rid of algae in your pool

There is an easier way to get rid of algae in your pool. Get a phosphate remover. I struggled with algaecides and kept getting algae back. Phosphate remover gets rid of algae and IT DOES’NT COME BACK!!!!
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Stained my white pool finish blue

I’m so disappointed. While this did a good job of getting rid of algae, I had no idea it would stain my BRAND NEW white pebblestone finish blue!! I’m sick about it.
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Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
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