Pool care doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Whether you’re a new swimming pool owner or a pool care expert, there are five basics of pool maintenance that keep your pool clean, clear and swim ready. Take the guesswork out of pool care by following these five easy maintenance practices. 



Pool water needs to move in order to disperse pool chemicals and improve water filtration. Stagnant water can create a breeding ground for bacteria and algae growth. Pool pumps circulate water. Run your pool pump at least 8-12 hours per day during daytime hours to properly circulate your swimming pool water.



Pool water must be filtered to help maintain a clean and clear swimming pool. There are three main types of pool filters—sand, cartridge and D.E. (diatomaceous earth). Each type of pool filter operates differently, but all work to remove dirt and debris from swimming pool water. Clean your filter regularly according to your owner’s manual instructions.



Dirt and debris from swimmers and the surrounding environment collect in your swimming pool over time. Empty skimmer baskets and vacuum and brush your pool surfaces weekly. Pay close attention to areas around ladders, in pool corners, pool lights and other areas of little to no water flow.  Skim the water’s surface as needed.



Testing your swimming pool water is the first toward a balanced pool. Water chemistry can change quickly. Test weekly, or more frequently during peak swimming times, to ensure your pool remains clean and balanced for swimmers.



Balance water parameters to their ideal ranges using the proper pool chemical products. Apply a sanitizer weekly, and a pool shock and algaecide for weekly preventative maintenance.

  • Total Hardness (175-275 ppm)
  • Total Chlorine (1-4 ppm)
  • Free Chlorine (1-4 ppm)
  • pH (7.2-7.6)
  • Total Alkalinity (80-150 ppm)
  • Stabilizer (30-150 ppm)

Consistency is key. Establishing a regular maintenance routine is the easiest way to keep your pool crystal clear and swim ready all season long. If you have questions, contact us about how to effectively maintain your swimming pool.

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