Waterline accumulation is a common problem for many hot tub owners. Body oils and other organic contaminants combined with high water temperatures can cause a build-up along the waterline. Prevent scum line accumulation by maintaining properly balanced water, applying a shock treatment weekly and periodically wipe your spa surface.

To get rid of a heavy scum line, follow these steps.


Test and Balance Water

Always begin by testing your spa water. Your test results will tell you if your water parameters are unbalanced. Pay special attention to your chlorine or bromine levels. A low sanitizer residual can cause cloudy water due to excess organic contaminants, and even allow bacterial growth. Always maintain 1 – 4 PPM of Free Chlorine or 3 – 5 PPM of Bromine.


Clean Filter

Your spa filter removes dirt and oils that enter your hot tub water on bathers. When your spa filter is dirty, it can’t effectively remove smaller particles that may cause cloudy water. Clean your filter, according to your owner’s manual, to remove build up.


Apply Shock Treatment

Shocking your spa removes any lingering contaminants and helps to further aid filtration. Apply a shock treatment weekly as part of your regular maintenance routine. Select a shock product that is compatible with your sanitizer of choice (chlorine or bromine).


Clean Surfaces

Wipe away any visible stains with a non-abrasive cloth or towel so any buildup is quickly removed.