Recreational water can become dull, hazy or cloudy with higher water temperatures and heavy bather volume, but the root causes for poor water quality are:

  • Improper water balance
  • Poor circulation/filtration
  • Excess contaminants
  • Low sanitizer levels

Cloudy spa water is not inviting, but it’s an easy issue to remedy if you follow a few simple steps.


Test and Balance Water

Always begin by testing your spa water. Pay special attention to your bromine or chlorine sanitizer and pH levels. Refer to your sanitizer product label for appropriate maintenance levels as they can vary based on product of choice. Hot water tends to drive pH higher so be sure to keep pH between 7.4 – 7.6 since balanced water is not only clearer, it also helps protect equipment.


Clean Filter and Check Jets

Many cloudy water issues are caused by poor filtration – when the filter becomes dirty and clogged and can’t capture particles found in the water. Cleaning filters every 4 to 6 weeks using a filter cleaner to remove oils and other contaminants is ideal. At the same time, check the jets to ensure they are not clogged as well.


Apply a Water Clarifier

Adding a water clarifier to cloudy spa water will help gather all the particles in the water so the filter can better remove them. After applying the clarifier, circulate the water for approximately five minutes to ensure it is distributed throughout the system.


Apply a Shock Treatment

When the water is very cloudy, adding a shock treatment will break down undesirable contaminants and quickly help restore clarity. It will also help remove odors caused by chloramines that can be formed when levels of certain contaminants get too high.

Remember to test and balance your spa water weekly or even sooner if the spa is being heavily used. If your cloudy water persists, contact us to help further troubleshoot.