Stabilized chlorinator for spas and hot tubs:

• Destroys contaminants
• Clears cloudy water
• Fast-dissolving


Surface Protection

Prevents equipment corrosion, and surface stains and scale.


Long-Lasting Sunlight Protection

Enriched with a chlorine stabilizer to extend the life of your clean.

Algaecide for Swimming Pools

Stops Algae

Kills and prevents green, mustard and black pool algae

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Cyanuric Acid!

If you have a hot tub that stays covered, you don’t need a stabilized chlorine. You SHOULDNT use a stabilized chlorine. Why in earth are all of their “spa” products stabilized?! It lessens the effectiveness of chlorine, it has a cumulative effect, and the only way to remove it is to drain the spa.
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Cyanuric acid