Prevent and Remove Stains & Scale

  1. Clean filter according to label directions for your type of filter.
  2. Apply 1 fl oz. of Clorox™ Spa Stain & Scale per 300 gallons weekly. Pour entire dose directly into the spa water with the pump running without aeration for 30 minutes.
  3. Some existing stains may be removed by brushing stain with a spa brush after application of Clorox® Spa Stain & Scale Control.
  4. Clean filter every 30 days.


Spa Maintenance Tips

  1. Test spa water a minimum of once per week.
  2. Maintain pH between 7.2 and 7.6.
  3. Keep Total Alkalinity at 100-150 ppm, and Calcium Hardness between 100-200 ppm.
  4. Drain, clean, and refill residential spas and hot tubs every 90 days, or according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Clean spa surfaces.
  6. Rinse filters and use a filter cleaner once every 30 days.