Depending on where in the country that you live, most pool owners open their swimming pools some time between March and May. As a rule of thumb, it’s time to open your pool when daytime temperatures consistently rise above 70 degrees. Not only does this ensure comfortable temperatures for swimming, but also the chances of algae growth increase as water temperatures climb.

Opening your pool is easy. Whether you’re a novice or experienced pool owner, anyone can quickly and confidently open their pool. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get your pool ready for the season!


Safety Inspection

Over the winter months, the condition of your pool equipment may have deteriorated. Always start by conducting a safety inspection of your pool equipment pad for signs of wear and tear. If loose wires, cracked lines or other hazards are observed, call the appropriate service professional before proceeding. 


Clean and Remove Your Pool Cover

If your pool was covered for the winter, remove excess dirt and debris to prevent it from entering your pool water. For solid pool covers, use a sump pump or cover pump to drain off any standing water.

Remove your pool cover and lay it out flat to dry. For large pools, it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands to remove the cover. Once dry, neatly fold and store your pool cover in a clean, dry place.


Add Water

Many pools are partially drained during the winter months. Check your water level, and if necessary, add water using a garden hose until it reaches the middle of your skimmer opening.


Unplug and Reinstall Accessories

Depending on the type of pool that you own, winterizing plugs may have been installed into your skimmer, return lines, or equipment. Remove all plugs. Then, reinstall your ladders, handrails, return line fittings and any other accessories.



Per your pool equipment owner’s manual, make any needed valve adjustments, prime your pool pump (if necessary) and start your circulation system. Most newer pool pumps are self-priming, however, always follow your owner’s manual instructions upon start-up.



Now it’s time to give your pool a good cleaning. Skim the water surface with a skim net. Use a pool brush to scrub the walls and a pool vacuum to remove any visible debris. Let your filter run for 24 hours to filter out lingering dirt particles.


Apply a Shock

Pool shock removes microscopic contaminants and improves water filtration. Apply a shock to clear your water.


Apply an Algaecide

Algaecides can help to treat existing algae that may have developed over the winter months and prevent it from growing in the days after opening your pool. Apply a multi-functional algaecide that treats and prevents green, mustard and black pool algae.

Now you’re ready to dive in! Download our pool opening shopping list. Remember to test and balance your pool water weekly to ensure your maintaining safe and comfortable swimming conditions.