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Dip one test strip into pool water at elbow’s depth.

Testing Water + Graphics


Download the free Clorox® Pool App, scan your test strip and receive expert water analysis results.

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Test Like an Expert with the Clorox® Pool App

The Clorox® Pool App gives do-it-yourself pool owners the tools to proudly and confidently maintain a swim-ready pool all season long.

The free, easy-to-use app uses proprietary, scan-to-test technology to provide expert water test analysis. Use the app to troubleshoot common pool problems, receive personalized product recommendations and shop products poolside at preferred retailers, like Walmart, Amazon and Lowe’s.

This season, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your swimming pool! Download the Clorox® Pool app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

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Not for a spa

I bought these off a recommendation from a friend, but ran into the same complaint as others. It won’t let me use the app without setting up all of my personal info (no thanks) and entering a pool size. Spa isn’t an option. Too bad. I really liked the idea, the colors all look too similar to my eyes. — rating is for the app, not the strips themselves.
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Hard No

Cannot download App since there is no app to download on play store. And even if I could, I can’t open the darn container! Tried everything. Pliers, multiple people. No go and very frustrating. Guess it doesn’t matter if I can download the app or not! And, chose this product because it was Clorox. We’ll look at a different brand. And will be returning today.
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Hard No
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great product

I have used your test strips for years and they work great. I’ve never downloaded the app, I just compare the strip to the side of the bottle after all, its not rocket science. You people surely understands once you put the strip in the water its wet no matter how deep you push it!! I use an open top bottle, turn it upside down and push it elbow deep. Then I turn it over collecting water at elbow depth. Then I place the strip into the bottle for my reading.
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old pool
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