Pool shock is a must-have maintenance product for pool owners. This multi-use product injects a boost of oxidizer into your pool water to kill bacteria and algae, and destroy organic contaminants, such as body oils, sweat, lotions and urine. Pool shock commonly comes in two forms—liquid and granular. Liquid pool shock is unstablized and difficult to apply. Granular pool shock is stabilized for long-lasting sunlight protection and dissolves in your pool water. Follow these steps for your granular pool shock application.



Put on your personal protective equipment, including gloves and eye protection.


Run Pump and Filter

Apply pool shock with your pump and filter running to aid with dispersion and dissolution. Continue to run your pump for 4-8 hours after application.


Apply Shock

Test pool water and make any necessary adjustments before applying any shock. Broadcast a granular pool shock using an S motion into the deepest end of your pool. You do not need to stir or agitate the water. Brush surfaces of any undissolved particles. For best results, apply pool shock at night to prevent sunlight degradation.

Shock your pool weekly as part of a regular maintenance routine, and after heavy use, high temperatures or rain.

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