Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is a pool balancing product used to help chlorine last longer. Chlorine, in its natural form, is unstabilized—which means it degrades when exposed to sunlight. Adding Cyanuric Acid reduces the sun’s impact on chlorine loss. The longer chlorine is present in pool water, the longer it’s available to kill bacteria and sanitize the water.

In the pool industry, Cyanuric Acid is known as chlorine stabilizer or pool conditioner. Many solid chlorinating products, like granules or tablets, are developed to include CYA. These multifunctional products reduce the number of steps pool owners need to take to maintain their swimming pools.

Alternatively, chlorinating liquid products typically do not contain the beneficial CYA often found in tablets or granules. Pool owners choosing to use chlorinating liquid as their sanitization product may need to add stabilizer separately to help their chlorine last longer. 

Regardless of the type of sanitizer, pool owners should test their pool water at least one per week. Always maintain Free Chlorine between 1-4 ppm and Stabilizer of at least 30 – 50 ppm. Using pool water test strips is an easy, accurate way to test your water poolside. Download the free Clorox® Pool app for expert water analysis results and personalized dosage recommendations.

If you need additional help, Contact Us for advice on maintaining a balanced pool. 

*Always follow label instructions when applying pool chemicals.