Maintain a Clear Pool

Your pool chemistry can change quickly. Test your pool water weekly to ensure your Free Chlorine level remains between 1 – 4 ppm. If needed, apply the appropriate chlorine or sanitizer to restore adequate sanitizer levels.

Maintain a regular cleaning regimen. Skim water surface, brush walls, vacuum and empty skimmer baskets at least once per week. Download the Clorox® Pool app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for expert water analysis and product and dosage recommendations.

This season, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your swimming pool!

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WOW!!!! This stuff works!!!

Our above ground pool was so cloudy and murky after some high winds in our area… this stuff is a miracle!!! We let it sit overnight and could not believe how beautiful our pool water was when we woke up in the morning! It seriously bonded all the dust/dirt particles and sunk it all to the bottom. I for sure thought we were going to have to drain the water and start over! Not with this stuff!!! All we have to do is vacuum out the bottom and we will be back in action!
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
Palm Springs
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Works great

This literally saved me from draining my whole pool and refilling it. Just did exactly what the bottle said make sure PH levels were good then added to pool let pump run 4 hours. Did this in the evening. Then next morning everything was on the bottom of the pool. Just vacuumed it straight out of the pool with the waste function on my pump. It has made my pool clean and clear once again! And I was dealing with this white kind of algae I never dealt with before!
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
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tremendous product! it worked at the time so you didn’t really need it. It is a pity that it is not bigger since I had to buy another to be able to do what I needed at that time. but the rest works super. in 24 hours results.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
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