Clorox Pool - Swimming Pool Ladders

Extends Equipment Life

Unbalanced water can cause a corrosive environment that can damage your pool surfaces or equipment.

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Protects Against Eye and Skin Irritation

Improves swimmer comfort by preventing dry itchy skin and red burning eyes.

Balancer In 2 Blue Colors

Balances Water

Helps to restore water parameters to their ideal ranges.

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Dosage is in pounds.

I need to add three pounds. You need to put some kind of pound to cup conversion on your packaging.
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Add Better Dosage Grids

IN your dosage grid, you show the amount to use in Pounds. Who has a scale to measure the amount to use? No one. Who has measuring cups? EVERYONE. How many cups is 7 LBS?
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Love this product

Worked great! Wish I knew about this product years ago. Would of saved a lot of time and money.
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Cleveland, TN
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Pool supplies

All the products work together! Our pool is safe. And working well. I feel good to have my great granddaughter to play in it with us. My husband and I use the pool to increase our muscle exercise. I feel so good when the water is clean. Safe.
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