Spa test strips are an easy way to get instant and accurate hot tub water test results.

Simply dip one test strip into water at elbow’s depth and remove immediately. Shake once to remove excess water. Hold strip level and visually compare the strip to the color chart included on the bottle. Select the corresponding test result colors within 15 seconds of wetting. For best results, never wipe or dry test strip after dipping.

Read results in natural daylight. Keep wet fingers out of the bottle and store test strips in a cool, dry place. Test strips are not reusable.

How to Read Your Test Results

Each test strip brand may be slightly different. The following explains how to read spa test strip results for Clorox® Spa™ Test Strips. For all other strips, refer to the product label instructions.

Total Hardness: Total Hardness measures the amount of calcium and other minerals in your water. Having water either too hard or too soft, combined with other balance factors, can damage spa equipment and surfaces. Maintain Total Hardness between 175—275 ppm.

Total Chlorine/Bromine: Total Chlorine/Bromine is the amount of sanitizer in your water, including free available and combined chlorine/bromine. Maintain Total Chlorine/Bromine between 1—4 ppm.

Free Chlorine: Free Chlorine measures the amount of chlorine available to sanitize your spa water, which is necessary to kill bacteria and control algae. Maintain Free Chlorine between 1—4 ppm.

pH: pH measures how acidic or alkaline your spa water is. The measurement is critical to the health of your water. Having an imbalanced pH can damage hot tub equipment, cause soaker discomfort, and hinder the performance of your sanitizer. Maintain pH between 7.2 to 7.6.

Total Alkalinity: Total Alkalinity and pH are closely related. A low total alkalinity may cause fluctuations in your water’s pH and exacerbate low pH. Having highly alkaline water can cause pH to drift upwards. Maintain Total Alkalinity between 80—150 ppm.

Clorox® Spa™ Test Strip Color Chart

Note: Screen colors may vary, which may cause an inaccurate reading. Use the color chart included on the bottle.