Clears Cloudy Water

Kills bacteria and removes contaminants that cause cloudy pool water.

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Swim-Ready in 15 Minutes

Fast dissolving formula works quickly so you can treat and swim in just 15 minutes.

Maintain a Clear Pool

Crystal clear water starts with pool shock. Shocking your pool water helps to remove contaminants that may cause cloudy water and algae. Apply a pool shock treatment weekly as part of a regular maintenance routine.

Maintain a regular cleaning regimen. Skim water surface, brush walls, vacuum and empty skimmer baskets at least once per week. 

Test and balance your pool water weekly. Your test results will tell you if your water parameters are unbalanced. If needed, apply the appropriate products to restore balance. Download the Clorox® Pool app on Apple App Store or Google Play for expert water analysis and product and dosage recommendations.

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Bought a 12 pack and it literally does nothing!! don’t waste your money!!
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Works every time

I use this shock at pool opening and during the full season. I have never had an issue and know it is a reputable and reliable product. I actually prefer the bags over the bottles to reduce waste disposal I also use the boxes to cover the soil for my garden over winter as weed control. Thanks Clorox for being somewhat environmentally aware.
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Paducah Ky
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Purchased a 12 # box to treat 26,000 gal pool as a trial. Chlorine content was low so treated with 2 lbs. 2 days later no chlorine content. Treated again with 2 lbs, 2 days later, no chlorine content What’s up here?
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misleading product

product is not a shock it does not kill bacteria when i bought your product i thought i was getting shock like hth shock which kills bacteria now i must go return it
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rj more
new york
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Shock Plus

We began using this product four years ago after not being happy with the results liquid chlorine was giving us. This product works much better and we have been using it ever since. It’s as simple as adding one bottle into our pool per week and it stays beautiful.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
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