High Purity Pool Salt

Pools with saltwater chlorinators.


Fast Dissolving

Fast dissolving formula works quickly so you can apply and swim.

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Maintain a Clean Pool

Your pool chemistry can change quickly. Test your pool water weekly. If needed, apply the appropriate products to restore balanced water parameters.

Maintain a regular cleaning regimen. Skim water surface, brush walls, vacuum and empty skimmer baskets at least once per week. Download the Clorox® Pool app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for expert water analysis and product and dosage recommendations.

This season, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your swimming pool!

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This product stained the bottom of my pool, the steps, the spa and the sides of the pool. I’d never used this product before and have had a salt pool for 11 years. I’ve never had an issue using salt. I threw two bags in the pool brushed it around to dissolve it up and came back in the morning to check on the pool to find brown stains all over the place. Apparently this is what cheaper salt does. And it’s not easy to remove. Very upset I decided to buy salt from Lowes instead of the kind I normally get at the pool store. Awful.
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Foam caused by Clorox SALT

I added 5 bags of Clorox salt to my pool and was instantly foamed. Literally 1 inch of foam on my 33′ x 16′ pool. Now the foam won’t go away. So intrigued! Ruined my Memorial day Party. 🙁
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Tired of Foam Guy

Works Great

This is a like all Clorox products. High quality. Decent packaging. Dissolves quickly. No issue at all.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
Houston, TX

Dissolves very fast

Not sure where those folks with the negative “brown” reviews bought their Clorox salt at but really salt is white if you ever open a bag of salt (for anything!!!!) And it is any other color don’t use it!!! Return it to store. This salt dissolves fast making it better than what I was buying at home improvement store
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
Oviedo, Florida


Works very well, kept the pool clean and easy to maintain.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
Altoona IA

Works well

Been using this product for 10 years, never had any stains, or salt cell problems as reported by others. Works well.
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Awful product

Left my pool stained brown and possibly ruined my salt cell DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER
Ease of Use: Effectiveness:

Not pure, brown like dirt!

Not pure. Left brown stains. Opened one of the bags, brown almost like dirt. I have pictures. Do not buy!!!!
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Brown staining

Not happy caused brown stains and can’t get them out.
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Do not use this in your pool

I used 2 bags of this salt in my pool, it left a terrible brown sediment and stained all my plaster and it cannot be brushed out now.
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Works Great.

Poured 4 bags into our pool. We broke up any clumps and helped spread as everyone should know to do. And it dissolved quickly and our chlorinator was happy. Not sure why anyone would just dump it in the pool and leave it in one place. Maybe hire someone to treat your pool and you stick to swimming in it.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5


DO NOT USE CLOROX POOL SALT!!! I put 40lbs into my pool and it IMMEDIATELY left stained places all over my gunite pool. I swept it into the bottom drains immediately and the jets distributed it all over the pool. I now have rust particle stains everywhere. There are so many stains that all I can think of is draining the pool to try and remove them. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!
Ease of Use: 1 Effectiveness: 1


I have used several of your products and have been very pleased so I decided to try your salt. I put it in the shallow end and it turned my liner orange where the salt was dropped. Any ideas what made this happen.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
North Augusta,s.c.