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Extends Equipment Life

Unbalanced water can cause a corrosive environment that can damage your pool surfaces or equipment

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Protects Against Eye and Skin Irritation

Improves swimmer comfort by preventing dry itchy skin and red burning eyes


Maintains Balance

Helps maintain a balanced pool all season

Stay Balanced All Season

Maintain a Balanced Pool

Maintaining a balanced pool all season is easier with weekly use of 2-IN-1 PERFECT BALANCE.

To Get Balanced: Test water and adjust pH and Alkalinity parameters to their ideal ranges.
Use CLOROX POOL&SPA pH UP or pH DOWN to balance pH levels (7.2-7.6) and CLOROX POOL&SPA ALKALINITY Increaser to balance alkalinity (80-125ppm plaster/ 125-150 ppm).

To Stay Balanced: Use 2-IN-1 PERFECT BALANCE weekly to maintain the ideal balance all season.

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Clorox ph up up away

Definitely a Clorox fan from here on out. Our spa agrees
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