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Clorox vrs PhosFree

My pool is 30,000 gal salt water pool and couldn’t keep any chlorine in the pool. I took my water into the local pool supply to get it tested and found out my phosphate levels were over 1000 ppb. The salesman tried to sell me some PhosFree which is a good product but at 5 times the cost for the amount of product need. I told them about this product that I found it at Lowe’s, they told me I was wasting my money on a product that wouldn’t work. So, I went to Lowe’s and bought it, used it, and took my water back to get it tested and now 0 Phosphates………….. it worked and it worked well. I will never buy PhosFree again, not that it isn’t a good product, it’s all about the cost. Why pay 5 times as much when there is a product that does the same thing (reducing phosphates) for a fraction of the price.
Ease of Use: 5 Effectiveness: 5
Yuma, AZ